Monday, November 8, 2010

The Death of DF - Explained

Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Kugan. Founder/Visual Artist of Immortal Tattoos, Singapore. I have been in the Tattoo Artistry for about close to 5 years and have been doing Photography for about close to 4 years.

That is all about me, as Diamond Fangs, my alter ego takes most of the credit and Immortal Tattoos is what it is today, because of him.

Many of you have heard about Diamond Fangs and few lucky ones, have been inked and have mingled with him. To the unlucky ones, you have seen and have experienced Diamond Fangs at full blown, taking the plunge with him, with hands tied. Not forgetting, setting yourself on fire while at it. Well, that is Diamond Fangs for you.

Who is Diamond Fangs?

Well, Diamond Fangs is the egoisitc, psychotic, chaotic, delusion, alcoholic, blood letting, attention seeking, boundary pushing, head banging, fearless, violent, sexual, nuerotic, aggressive, controversial, manic- depressive, schizophrenic, hallucinating, absinthe-abusing, hell bound, suicidal and self sacrificing alter ego of Kugan.

-How did Diamond Fangs come about?-

Well, Diamond Fangs has been living inside me for the longest time I could remember. I came up with the name Diamond Fangs in regards to Vampyrism - A sub culture in which I have been in for like 12 odd years and was active until 6 years ago. When I mean Vampyrism, I don't mean the Goth Lifestyle with make ups and all that fancy PVC clothings. Vampyrism is a Lifestyle, a different understanding to what we see and feel and living life with a twist. I would not elaborate on that, because I am here to open up more on "Diamond Fangs".

Diamond Fangs is the more flashier and loud persona of what I am as a person. Not knowing that He will somewhat take over my conscious and He went further than what I could have imagined.

-Diamond Fangs Vs Kugan. How do you juggle both?-

Thank God, ( Ya right !! ) that I didn't lose myself completely to Diamond Fangs and I was still able to hold back. Of course it was not something easy for me. I will never know when would the persona of Diamond Fangs would take control of my body and do what he does. There has been many scary moments when that happened in which, at most times, I won't have any memory or what so ever of what actually happened.

Some would say I was suffering from some kind of mental instability, but I beg to differ. I am a firm believer to an extend to say that, what we are now, we are just a shell. Sometimes, more than one being (souls) can share a shell (body) - As long it does no harm to anyone else, ( The Law says so) then everything is fine.

When it comes to pushing limits and being straight forward, I can't do that. I am shy by nature. Even without realizing, Diamond Fangs would always come to my rescue. Most of my works I have done through Tattooing, Body Suspensions or Photography, I would give credit to Diamond Fangs. He was that one guy who had the balls to go out there and get things done.

-Why did you decide that its time to end Diamond Fangs?-

I guess, sometimes you have to let go of things that you once cared for or worked for to see where you stand in that period of time. Its a sacrifice which I made. Diamond Fangs has pissed alot of people off. Diamond Fangs could possibly be Singapore's most hated artist for all I know. But He did'nt give a fuck and still did his thing. Events, Projects, Promotions and Live Demostration were all him and Not forgetting the "soap opera" that put Immortal Tattoos, Singapore in the check list. Diamond Fangs was a one man army - He was literally an artwork on His own -

And what is more greater than to sacrifice which you build in your head and let thousands experience that over the years? I sacrificed Diamond Fangs as a being, for Art. Its time for Him to go.

-Did you plan for the Death of Diamond Fangs?-

Nope. I knew the time was right, when it was just days before Halloween 2010. You see, there was an event held by Immortal Tattoos, Singapore called -XVI- which pushed Diamond Fangs a step further. Putting His name in the line against the Devil. It was a bet, a deal made between the two about a year ago. If Diamond Fangs failed to fulfil the Devil's request, Diamond Fangs would serve the Devil in Hell, forever. -XVI- was an event in which Diamond Fangs has to find 66 Sinners and ink them, but, He Failed.

Diamond Fangs was a man who keeps his words. I am very sure, if someone else were to put their "career" on their line for one of their projects, they will lie and cheat their way through just to be on top. Diamond Fangs took failure like a Champion. May His soul never rest in Peace and I am pretty sure, He will haunt a few of you out there who is reading this.

-Do you think Immortal Tattoos, Singapore would be affected after the Death of Diamond Fangs?-

Well, like I said. Diamond Fangs has made a name for Himself and made Immortal Tattoos, Singapore, reputable. I got no issues how things are going to be from now on. We still have our clients, our models and our friends and not forgetting our "fans" who have helped me over the years through the struggles I had.

It might be a chapter closed for Diamond Fangs, but a new chapter has opened for Kugan.

-Since, Diamond Fangs is gone. Are you thinking of carrying on another Persona?-

Diamond Fangs was a Legend. No one can take over his place. He made so much sacrifices and I don't think I can deal with another persona. Mentally and Physically I am drained out struggling with Diamond Fangs. I do feel better as a person after all these. So, no. There won't be another persona.

-What do you have planned for the future for Immortal Tattoos, Singapore?-

Right now, I am just inking in my studio. I won't be doing much events or such for sometime. I guess, I am taking a break from the "drama" after all these years. But, if I do have something planned out for my studio, do check out my site - now and then for updates.

-Any last words you want to share with our readers?-

We all live once, live life to the fullest with no regrets. Do what to want and don't be disheartened by failure. And ya, Don't abuse Alcohol...~smiles~