Saturday, December 29, 2012


News Feeds filled with the Gang Rape incident. Facebook Statues talk about how justice should be served. Sharing and Liking of News Articles and Screen Shots about the death of the poor victim. 

And I seriously think, its enough.... 

First, there was the Israel-Palestine issue, then there was issue of the death threats against Singaporeans, then it moved on to the school shooting and Gun Control and now this? Seriously, what message is sent across for glorifying one's death? Would you share it worldwide if the victim was your family member? I doubt so. Would you mourn with so much of sympathy if it was one of your own? I doubt so too. Imagine this, lets say the victim is a daughter of your own. Do u want to read about the graphic detail of how she was raped and have her uterus pulled out? Are you able to handle the fact everyone is talking about your daughter? For fuck sake, if I was the victim, I sure don't want to be reminded that I died after being gang raped brutally. Its beyond humiliation... 

How is it even going to help the victim? Honestly, there is no way in Hell, on what you say or how you want Justice served to the culprits on Facebook, is ever gonna get through the Indian Legal System. Even if Justice is served - Do u even think, the culprits are going to feel remorse for their barbaric behavior? Hell No ! Do you think a "change" in the Legal system is going to prevent or reduce such things from happening again? 

Protest and Public Outcry do shit if you ask me. One only has a power to tighten the Legal system, but you can't change the mindsets of these sick fucks. Regardless of how strict laws are, rapes, murders and what not will still continue, till the end of time. Educate the countrymen; not throw something at them which they have no clue about. You can't tame wild animals they say, but with enough dedication that is possible to some extend. Even animals evolve, but honestly, a country filled with "educated cavemen" won't do good to the Society. 

I may sound morbid , but I am thankful the victim passed away, cuz it will be more painful and torturous to live her life with nightmares that will haunt her for the rest of her life. Whatever punishment is given to the culprits, its not going to make a difference to them. It is not going to satisfy the victim's family's grief/pain/vengeance either. 

I believe in Karma, and I know for sure, in the after life, the victim will have it her way, one way or another.

I can go on and on about this issue, but what is the point when majority of you people are blinded by the Media Glorification which just goes in circles, and crowd together again like hungry wolves, waiting for the next thing to blow, and follow through like Sheep. 

Your Nightmare, 
Diamond Fangs.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Clients of the Future, 

When we (Artists) tell you certain designs don't work well, or if its a bad design or that when you do a coverup, we cannot work with your ideas - please don't ask us back why it is a bad design or why a flower cant cover your dragon. Its just the way it is ! 
And don't ever tell me that some artist said its possible. If they did, then fucking go to them ! I really don't care... 

I do tattoos because its my passion. Yes, I got bills to pay too but that doesn't mean I will charge u a bomb like most people do or say yes to every impossible ideas U have ! For Christ sake - if you really needed a tattoo badly, heck ! I would even do it, half the price I quoted or even for free if u had an awesome idea or at least an awesome attitude!! So stop acting like you know it all just because U researched about Tattoos on Google. Why not Google on how to build a Ferrari, so you can build yourself one too ? 

And I will not entertain Clients who are indecisive and I do not do last minute drawings. Appointments are made so as an Artist, I can prepare a design for you that you have interest in. What is the point to draw something for you, and you changing a whole new design when you are about to get inked? I don't even charge you for the sketches ! ( By Right I should. That is a standard practice if you are wondering. An art deposit is made prior to making an appointment.) And yes, in my book - The tattoo artist is always right. 

Some of you might say I am arrogant and what not. Seriously, I don't give a fuck about what you think. I am sincere about my opinions when it comes to Tattoos, especially when its permanent. Either you take my advice or find yourself another Artist. Easy as that. End of the day, its your skin, your body and your money. 

With that said, its good to see some of u coming back for coverups for the tattoos I turned down previously. We all learn from the mistakes. Thank you for supporting me all these while guys. Really Appreciate it. Next time if u have a design and when I tell you I would like to change it or that I would like to do something different - Listen to me. I don't do tattoos which are "popular" at the moment of time, I do tattoos that would be unique for a Lifetime.. 

Your Nightmare, 
Diamond Fangs.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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