Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Line Up

As most of you would have known that over the past few months, things were pretty messy in my Life ; Having my artworks stolen, shattered love, projects cancelled, temporary lost of interest in Tattoo Artistry and of course, Depression. 

Couple of weeks more and we embrace 2014 !! I am super-psyched with 2014, as it looks very promising. *TOUCH WOOD* 

I have lined up couple of tours around Asia and a high possibility to be back in Van Diemen's Land, which I call Home. Along with another body suspension in Melbourne. I will also be re-working on my stolen La Calavera Catrina Project, but probably under another name. Not forgetting, setting up a full-on appointment based, private tattoo studio. As well as, re-inventing my tattoo styles, just so as an Artist I can evolve together with my Human Canvases. And who knows, maybe another Love Story is waiting to be unfold. 

3 years ago, in 2010, I killed my alter ego "Diamond Fangs" due to lots of unforeseen circumstances, along with it, my career went downhill as well. I guess its about time I resurrect Diamond Fangs and get my shit together. 

Dear 2014, I just can't wait to hold you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you.

Sorry for the grainy look. Taken by Handphone Camera. This is a Work in Progress I did today. And yes, I have started Tattooing !!

Plus - I did this sketch not long ago and my "client" vanished even before it can be turned into a tattoo. Anyone up for it?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Artworks Stolen...

A few days ago I posted this on my FB : 

How Fucking Great !! All my Artworks N Sketchworks which I was working on for my New Project, has been fucking stolen from my house !! I sincerely plead with the one who took it away from my place, to return it to me. It could have been that you or one of your friends, might have taken it and kept it by accident. But please if you had been to my studio in the past week, do check your bags or something as it could have been mistakenly kept there. I understand that it happens, but these Artworks means alot to me. I am really begging to have it returned to me... Please ! I would be very grateful even if you could just leave it outside my door, ring the door bell and run off... 

Couple of days passed and this is what I have to share. 

- Few days has passed and I have yet to receive any information on the whereabouts of my Artworks. Numerous SMSes and calls have lead me to nowhere. Over the past few days, I have lost more than just my Artworks and it has been very hard to accept. Even the one who I thought cared, had the door shut on me. This is a very difficult time for me. I feel like I am pulled back to where I was, 4 years ago - BROKEN. As much as I want to put it behind me, it seems, there is no escape from this torment. 

I tried my level best to lock away my demons but somehow, they always find their way back into my Life. I don't know how long am I gonna pull this emotional impalement together with the help of Alcohol, but I just hope this won't put me in an Asylum in the near future. 

I am sick and tired of this repetitive process where the things I adore ; always find its way out of the window, one way or another. 

I thank all those who have expressed their concern via SMSes and calls to me. At the same time, I do apologize folks, for I seriously had enough of this dream of mine to be shattered again. 

They say, "Treasure what you have, as one day you might lose it and regret if you don't." - Yet its funny how, some people are just out there to rob you of your treasures.
I have decided to give up on the current projects and events and what not as the only place where I feel "safe" is a dark corner of the World which I built for myself.-

I have decided to re-invent new styles of tattoos and I am looking for 5 human canvases who would be interested in a 10cmX10cm tattoo of my own style, to be done at NO COST.

I am also looking for 2 females who would be interested in doing tattoos and photoshoots as well.

If you think you have what it takes, contact me @ 96676536 ( SMS or Whatsapp ) or email me -

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Public Announcement Service


Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen. 

As most of you might know, I have been inking close to 8 years and without a doubt, it has been a great experience. But, after weeks of battling with my Demons, as to whether or not to continue this trade, has finally came to a standstill and I finally made a decision, which would either erase me for who I am, or would push me up in the league in this industry. 

Whatever the outcome might be, I guess its all for the best. So, as of the 1st of August 2013 onwards, I would no longer be taking in anymore appointments for tattoos until further notice. But do note, all ongoing pieces will still be continued and some new appointments ( only for special cases) will still be entertained. To add on to that, I would only be tattooing on what I want to tattoo as well. I am sick and tired of doing repeated designs of the same old hearts and tribals and phrases and what not. 

I would be taking couple of months break from tattooing to embark into a new journey ; a new project, in which I desperately want to accomplish by end of 2013. 

I do apologise to the ones I have to turn down, but not to worry as I will refer you to other artists who would do a great job as well. For Enquiries or to make an appointment, Email/SMS me : / +65 96676536 

On a sidenote : I am looking for 25 Females with nice facial features to work with in the New Project which I would be working on in August 2013. 

If you think you got what it takes to be part of Diamond Fangs's history, kindly contact me. Thank You all! 

See ya on the other-side.

Friday, May 17, 2013

no INK without EFFECT

My 6th Event - Ladies and Gentlemen ! 

Live Tattoo Showcase by DiamondFangs ! 
Free Flow Smirnoff with EFFECT from 7pm-9pm 
Smirnoff Bottle with 6 Cans of EFFECT @ $120+ 
Bucket of 5 Asahi Bottle @ $50+ 

Event brought to you by : Bar 22 - EFFECT - Immortal Tattoos, Singapore. 

 Do support and come down over !!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blue Lotus Chakra

Drew this Buddha/Mandala Sketch for my Client, but did some last minute changes to a lotus instead.

Lotus Sketch Finalized and all good to go !!

Blue Lotus Chakra - Work in Progress

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fox Mandala

Sketch of Fox Mandala

Fox Mandala - Work in Progress

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Latest Update

The above Tattoo was done by another artist 5 months ago. Touchup/Redesign done by me.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please note that I am not taking anymore appointments after the 15th of February 2013, until further notice. To those of you who have in-progress works going on, do get back to me ASAP. To those who want to get a new one, please set an appointment via SMS: 96676536 or Email:

$100 p/session promo still stands till the 15th February 2013, but do note it is NOT APPLICABLE for touchups of works of another Artist or to those who have cancelled their appointments with me 3 times in a row, or to those who were unable to complete the tattoo in time due to lack of pain tolerance, which resulted in more sessions than planned. The rate for the above mentioned individuals will be the usual $250 p/session. ( Price varies on the touchups of works. ) For more information, do contact me.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Promo for January 2013

Work in Progress - 1st Session

Hey guys - ! Good News yet again !!

I have decided to extend the $100 p/session promo till 31st January 2013 !!

Big or Small tattoos - only have to pay $100 p/sitting !! If your tattoos can be done in one sitting, its still $100 !! - So why wait? Make an Appointment with me now !! ANY DESIGNS !! If you want me to customize something for u, that will be done as well !! - Email or sms 96676536 for appointment !

If your design or idea catches my eye, I will extend the hours on the sessions to save you some money !!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mandala Dotwork

Mandala Dotwork - Portrait not by me.

To those who still did not know, I have now, moved on to my own Private Home Studio where I work strictly on Appointments. Please refrain yourself from heading to the location of my previous place of work at Little India.

Currently I am looking for canvases to push my portfolio further. With that said, I am now looking for at least 10 canvases where I charge only $100 for a session. So if its a big piece that requires at least 3hrs in one sitting, its still $100 !! And if I like your idea and that can benefit my portfolio, I will extend the hours - End of the day, its a win win situation for both my canvas and myself. So why wait? 

For Appoinment - Drop me a SMS @ 96676536 or Email :