Thursday, October 10, 2013

Artworks Stolen...

A few days ago I posted this on my FB : 

How Fucking Great !! All my Artworks N Sketchworks which I was working on for my New Project, has been fucking stolen from my house !! I sincerely plead with the one who took it away from my place, to return it to me. It could have been that you or one of your friends, might have taken it and kept it by accident. But please if you had been to my studio in the past week, do check your bags or something as it could have been mistakenly kept there. I understand that it happens, but these Artworks means alot to me. I am really begging to have it returned to me... Please ! I would be very grateful even if you could just leave it outside my door, ring the door bell and run off... 

Couple of days passed and this is what I have to share. 

- Few days has passed and I have yet to receive any information on the whereabouts of my Artworks. Numerous SMSes and calls have lead me to nowhere. Over the past few days, I have lost more than just my Artworks and it has been very hard to accept. Even the one who I thought cared, had the door shut on me. This is a very difficult time for me. I feel like I am pulled back to where I was, 4 years ago - BROKEN. As much as I want to put it behind me, it seems, there is no escape from this torment. 

I tried my level best to lock away my demons but somehow, they always find their way back into my Life. I don't know how long am I gonna pull this emotional impalement together with the help of Alcohol, but I just hope this won't put me in an Asylum in the near future. 

I am sick and tired of this repetitive process where the things I adore ; always find its way out of the window, one way or another. 

I thank all those who have expressed their concern via SMSes and calls to me. At the same time, I do apologize folks, for I seriously had enough of this dream of mine to be shattered again. 

They say, "Treasure what you have, as one day you might lose it and regret if you don't." - Yet its funny how, some people are just out there to rob you of your treasures.
I have decided to give up on the current projects and events and what not as the only place where I feel "safe" is a dark corner of the World which I built for myself.-

I have decided to re-invent new styles of tattoos and I am looking for 5 human canvases who would be interested in a 10cmX10cm tattoo of my own style, to be done at NO COST.

I am also looking for 2 females who would be interested in doing tattoos and photoshoots as well.

If you think you have what it takes, contact me @ 96676536 ( SMS or Whatsapp ) or email me -

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