Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Line Up

As most of you would have known that over the past few months, things were pretty messy in my Life ; Having my artworks stolen, shattered love, projects cancelled, temporary lost of interest in Tattoo Artistry and of course, Depression. 

Couple of weeks more and we embrace 2014 !! I am super-psyched with 2014, as it looks very promising. *TOUCH WOOD* 

I have lined up couple of tours around Asia and a high possibility to be back in Van Diemen's Land, which I call Home. Along with another body suspension in Melbourne. I will also be re-working on my stolen La Calavera Catrina Project, but probably under another name. Not forgetting, setting up a full-on appointment based, private tattoo studio. As well as, re-inventing my tattoo styles, just so as an Artist I can evolve together with my Human Canvases. And who knows, maybe another Love Story is waiting to be unfold. 

3 years ago, in 2010, I killed my alter ego "Diamond Fangs" due to lots of unforeseen circumstances, along with it, my career went downhill as well. I guess its about time I resurrect Diamond Fangs and get my shit together. 

Dear 2014, I just can't wait to hold you against the wall and fuck the shit out of you.

Sorry for the grainy look. Taken by Handphone Camera. This is a Work in Progress I did today. And yes, I have started Tattooing !!

Plus - I did this sketch not long ago and my "client" vanished even before it can be turned into a tattoo. Anyone up for it?

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