Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Continues

Final Call to those ladies who are interested in helping me out in this project, after my sketch works got stolen couple of months ago.

Female Models Wanted for Tattoo Canvas & New Sketch Project!!

Models who are interested will have their pictures taken in which will later, will be drawn out in forms of Pinups/La Calavera Catrinas for Artist's Project. Do note this is not a highly paid project but models will receive a copy of the Hand Drawn Art Work which requires lots of Man hours plus a small monetary sum of $80-$100.

Interested models are only required for an Hour or so to have reference pics taken. Topless might be required in reference to bigger sketches. Do note this is a project for an Alternative Sketch Project, that turns models into Art Works. Models are required to have the X-factor through expression to capture interesting features.

Interested models : Email Models@DiamondFangs.com or Whatsapp @ 96676536

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